Model Cups

Efficient / Elegant / Economical

Save upward of 15 minutes for each model using our Model Cup. The Model Cup offers a highly accurate and elegant finish for your models giving your product a professional look that all doctors will love. It is compatible with any standard 3D scanner.

Pictured above is the T-14 in Pure White color


Choose your sizes and colors

The Model Cup is available in 3 different sizes: T-3, T-5 and T-14 for use with different sized models as well as three different colors: White, Blue and Pure White. Match the color and size to your needs and the aesthetics of your office.

Pictured above are the T-3 (Blue), T-5 (White) and T-14 (Pure White)


Don't forget the parts!

Flat parts, convex parts and support plates (Full Arch or Quadrants) are needed to complete the full model.


Learn how to use the Model Cup!


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