About Us

Corporate Our Philosophy

Seek to satisfy the needs of everyone around us. Contribute to everyone’s health and well-being. Grow in a manner that all our partners and employees can feel proud of.

A message from our President

Our company seeks to create and manufacture products that fit the needs of an ever evolving dental and clinical world. In order to do this our employees study and research continuously to learn new skills and ideas. We are a “Synergetic Developing Company” which means we prosper as you, our customers, prosper.

Takahiro Shima

Quest Dental USA Corporation

Quest Dental USA was incorporated in 2014 in Irvine, California by our president Takahiro Shima with a goal of providing Japanese high quality dental products to an ever-evolving US market. Our products are designed in Japan and manufactured by our facility in Cebu, Philippines. 

President Takahiro Shima
Sr. Managing Director Yoshinori Miyachi
General Manager Toshihiro Miura
Corporate Secretary Jack H. Mori
National Business Developer Manager Nathan Gallinger
Assistant Manager Kevin Sicat
Office Accountant Patricia Pacella