Corporate Our Philosophy

Seek to satisfy the needs of everyone around us. Contribute to everyone’s health and well-being. Grow in a manner that all our partners and employees can feel proud of.

A message from our President


Our company seeks to create and manufacture products that fit the needs of an ever evolving dental and clinical world. In order to do this our employees study and research continuously to learn new skills and ideas. We are a “Synergetic Developing Company” which means we prosper as you, our customers, prosper.

Our products are manufactured in Cebu, Philippines where our Philippine workers are trained and managed by Japanese staff to ensure the highest quality standards.

Takahiro Shima

Company Profile.

Company Name  Quest Dental U.S.A. Corp.
 Address  17865 Sky Park Circle, Suite L1, Irvine CA 92614 USA
 Tel 1-949-870-3985
 Business Distribute dental products
 President and Representative Director  President Takahiro Shima
 Incorporated  2014

Associated Company

 Company Name  Quest Corporation
 Address  157-1 Yokoyama, Handa, Aichi, 475-0946, Japan
 Tel  0569-27-7017
 Business  Sales and Production of Dental Materials(Import and Export)
 President and Representative Director  President Takahiro Shima
 Incorporated  1957
 Established  1983
 Capital  70 million yen
 Number of employees  37 employees

We do the sales activities in details for our products which is self-manufacture to dealers of first and second distribution and users within Japan. Products which is self-manufacture to be low cost produce for further growth.

 Company Name Quest Dental Material Corporation
 Business Production of Dental Materials
 Chairman and President Chairman : Hitotaka Takemura
President : Jiro Seo
 Incorporated 1997
 Capital 85 million yen (Yen Conversion)
 Number of employees Approx. 350 employees (4 Japanese)

We manufacture focusing on the artificial teeth of the Quest sales main products. Factory location is safest place in Cebu, so excellent human resources get together. Because artificial teeth produced is manufactured at low cost, it is exported to South Korea, China, Europe, etc, besides Japan.

 Company Name Shiken Corp.
 Headquarters 55-1, Nishiiyashiki, Shibo cho
Komatsushima, Tokushima
773-0009 Japan
Tel: 0885-32-2000 Fax: 0885-32-8634
 Incorporated January 1975
 Established April 1979
 Chief Executive Officer Takahiro Shima
 Capital 49.75 Million JPY
 Employees 683
 Locations Domestic Japanese Locations
(26 Sales Offices, 7 Laboratories)
 Services Manufacturing and Distribution of Dental Prosthesis
Distribution of Dental Materials
Research and Development of Masticatory Function Materials